All you need to know to become a Successful Camper!

Camping is Great fun for the whole family and one gets to meet a lot of like-minded people, socialize and take part in activities together:


One can camp in Chalets, a Mobile/ RV, a Trailer, a Caravan or a Tent! You can4 MAN DOME TENT WITH CARRY BAG go to the Berg, to the Beach, to a Game reserve, to the local Dam or into a nature reserve.

RV's ARE QUITE PRACTICLE FOR EASY CAMPINGCamping is great fun, you are out in the wilderness, fresh air, peace, quiet.

There are many friends to be made, Socials around the fire, Cooking, etc.

Ok, in order to have a good night’s rest you will need some form of comfort.

You want to invest in a foam mattress, an Air mattress or a stretcher!

Necessities in Camp:

A BRAAI IS A MUST WHEN CAMPINGFor those who want the comforts of home while camping, you will need a small fridge, lights and a generator as a power source or a battery bank to drive your appliances.ROLL UP HIKING AIR MATTRESS FC10

Forget the sleeping bag that is not going to work for you.

A barbeque is a must-have, be it conventional or Kettle Braai! or you can rough it and just cook on the campfire!

It is always a good idea to have some reliable communication when wandering off away from the camp on your own.

Radios are great as cellphones don’t always have reception!

Tents & Gazebos:

There are a number of different tents available on the market today.

There are some conventionalARMY STYLE A-FRAME TENT types of tents and some new era type tents.8 MAN SOPHISTICATED CABIN TENT

The big army-style tents are strong, withstand strong winds, sleep a lot of people, they are good for communal camping with big groups, but they are basic and don’t offer a lot of privacy!

Then you get the Standard A-frame tent, although not so much anymore.

The dome tent seems to be taking over the market.

You will get a 2-man dome, a-4 man dome, a 6-man dome, and a family size dome tent.

Ok, very important and this comes from years of experience. You have to have a gazebo!

A gazebo gives you protection from the due from rain form the heat of the sun, just put it up over your tent.

It can also act as a veranda if it is big enough. This is awesome and makes you more comfortable outdoors!

The modern dome-style tents are very easy to put up, it is literally poof and they are standing, quite strong and weatherproof!HAMMOCK WITH MOSQUITO NET

STORM ROPES ANCHORING A GAZEBOA lot of Crocodile Dundee campers have commented on my setup and laughed, but I have enjoyed a night in gale force winds & rain when other people’s tents have been blown away. The greatest cause of tent failure in a storm is the poles that prop the tent in place.

So how do we keep our tent structure secure?

We use Storm ropes! Storm ropes over the tent and the gazebo help keep it in place and prevent strong wind from blowing it away, remember the tent and gazebo are only secured to the ground by some weak loops in which you place some pegs to pin it to the ground, the bulk of the structure is not protected at all!

I guarantee you if you use storm ropes correctly, you will survive a hurricane!

You want to make sure you purchase the right tent, no good having it too small or too big!

You want something that is easy to put up, strong, waterproof & durable.


It is very important before setting up your camp to put a groundsheet down.OUTDOOR SURVIVAL KIT

This helps to keep out dust, ants, mud, etc. and it makes it more comfortable to walk around barefoot in your camping area!


You want to be aware of Monkeys, they are very good at opening things.

MONKEYS CAN BE VERY DESTRUCTIVEHere where we are they open fridges and deep freezers in order to get at the contents! So we have installed custom locks to keep the critters out.

Also if you are camping in a Caravan or trailer then you want to keep all curtains etc. closed.

Drop your roof popup down when going out.

These guys destroy everything when hunting for food!

MONGEESE WILL EAT ANYTHING & EVERYTHINGMongeese are not too bad, although they come through in packs of about 100 and they can empty you out in a matter of seconds, so don’t leave anything unattended.

Mosquitoes are a real pest & here in Africa they can be deadly, so it is highly recommended that you visit the pharmacy and purchase anti-malaria tablets in order to be safe from these pests!

One can also burn Citronella candles at the campsite.

Rub your body with Tabard or if you prefer a more aromatherapeutic option then T-tree oil.MILITARY TACTICAL FOLDING SHOVEL MULTITOOL

Scorpions and snakes, well what can I say? Always be on the lookout & just stay away. They will not harm you unless they are cornered or feel threatened!

In order to minimize flies and ants, it is best to keep your campsite as Kleen as possible.

If you dropped something on the floor while preparing food then a little Doom will help!


When planning a camping trip, you generally want to take everything into consideration especially as most camping takes you far away from shops and supplies!

NOTHING BEATS FRIED BEANS & EGG FOR BREAKFASTYou want to make sure you have enough food for the duration of your camping expedition, Cutlery, crockery glasses, cups, etc.

You want to make sure you have enough clothes, both for warm and cold conditions.

Clothing in which to swim, clothing to keep you dry!

Of course, you want to be sure that you have your camera, click here for the best deal on Canon and maybe your laptop or maybe a battery pack for charging and lighting!BAOFENG UV-9R PLUS 15W 128CH TWO WAY RADIO

You are likely to see a lot of birds and wildlife, you don’t want to miss out on this!

A windbreaker screen is often very useful for screening your campsite off from the wind and also for privacy!

CAMPING ALWAYS MEANS MORE MEAT!I think it is also very important to plan your meals before an outing.

Make a list of meals that you would like to have while out camping.

Please involve the family in order to make the experience more enjoyable.

And don’t forget camping means more meat on the barbeque!

Make sure you pack enough wood & charcoal to make fire, there is not always dry branches to be found at campsites!

It is a good idea if you are new to camping to get to know your camping equipment.

Set the tent and gazebo up in the back yard beforehand, see how everything works, so that you don’t have to battle out in the wilderness when setting up your campsite!75L HIKING MOUNTAINEERING BACKPACK

If you are going camping in order to hike then make sure you have all your hiking clothes and equipment packed for the occasion.

If you are camping for fishing then make sure that you have all your fishing equipment & accessories packed.


FIRE EXTINGUISHERWhen making a fire at the campsite, always be aware of the danger of setting nearby vegetation alight!

Always have a contained fire, either with rocks or a dugout hole that has no vegetation nearby.

Always make sure that you have a fire extinguisher in your campsite in case of any unforeseen fire issues!

Then also one of the most important things to have when in the outdoors is the first aid kit.


The enjoyment of your camping experience depends on it, you are bound to get a cut, step on a thorn, get bitten by something, get constipation or the runs from the all-new awesome camping food.

Believe me, it happens, the body does not like a drastic change.

And if you are a fisherman like myself then you are going to get poked or bitten by something that will leave you festering or having an allergic reaction.

Obviously, for your convenience, you will invest in some fold-up tables and chairs in order to make your experience more pleasurable.

A good knife will also come in handy!

Method of Camping:

A CHALET WITH ALL THE COMFORTS OF HOMEOk, so if you want the exact comfort of home then you need to do the chalet. All the comforts of home60L CAMPING, HIKING, FRAME BACKPACK are provided out in nature, all you have to bring is your food, drink, and bedding if you don’t want to use theirs!

In your Camper or Rv, well you are right at home cause you have rigged it how you want!

In the Caravan and the tent, you are roughing it so enjoy the outdoors with some rough accommodation that is still very comfortable and enjoyable!

Different Camping Methods, Pros & Cons:

To camp in a chalet is awesome, but nine times out of ten they are situated far from the water or main attraction of the campsite. So for the fisherman, not an option!

For Rv. Trailer and tent, one has a great choice of position within the campgrounds.

Unfortunately if one wants to be right on the water’s edge then it is oftenPROFESSIONAL MILITARY COMPASS necessary to do without electricity as it is not available right there!

A great cheat is to have a long electric extension cord! This will get you electricity right down by the water!



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