Hiking, a Way of Life! All you need to know to be Equipped and Prepared for a Hiking trip: General: Hiking is a way of life, so many people love to do it. It is good exercise and it brings you into the outdoors, the fresh air and nature. Hiking is fun & social, it offers the opportunity READ MORE


All you need to know to become a Successful Camper! Camping is Great fun for the whole family and one gets to meet a lot of like-minded people, socialize and take part in activities together: General: One can camp in Chalets, a Mobile/ RV, a Trailer, a Caravan or a Tent! You can go to READ MORE


All you need to know about Carp Fishing! Carp (Cyprinus Carpio) Fishing is one of the most relaxing forms of Freshwater Fishing. It is a matter of baiting up, getting your bait into the water and waiting patiently for a fish to swallow the bait and run off wildly. General:  Sometimes one can wait rather READ MORE


All you need to know about Bass Fishing! Bass (Micropterus) Fishing is very similar to Saltwater spin fishing, except it is done in Freshwater, the principle remains the same. General: Dams or freshwater lakes are generally great expanses of water with varying depths. They house a variety of fish species such as Smallmouth, and Largemouth bass, READ MORE


All about Fishing with Bait: Welcome to Saltwater Bait Fishing, we aim to bring you everything that you need to know about Saltwater Bait Fishing in order to become a Professional Fisherman! For info on where to find Good Spots to Fish, go to “How to Read the Water” Everything that you need to know READ MORE


Top Saltwater Lures Review 2019 by Top Local Angler: Dr. Riekert van Heerden Pr.Sci.Nat. Majorcraft Jigpara Slow / Slowpitch Jigging Spoons: These Slowpitch Jigging spoons (15 – 40 g weight) cast extremely well and can be retrieved very slowly with pitch-pause techniques that induce, enticing upward darting and strong downward fluttering actions. These spoons allow you to fish the outlying READ MORE


What Fish Can you Target on Lures? Top Saltwater Fishing Lures, Saltwater Flies, Saltwater Plugs, Saltwater Poppers, Bucktail Jigs, Saltwater Spoons Etc. – Getting you into the Action! Our Environment: Let us all consider our environment, keep it clean of litter, etc. hooks, glass, plastic, and line are extremely dangerous to both, humans and animals READ MORE


How to Read the Water: Where to find the Fish: Holes, Rips, Sandbanks, Rocks, Gullies, Ledges, Piers, Lakes, Estuaries, Harbors. General: Reading the water is one of the most important tasks for the angler to perform before doing anything on arrival at the beach! And no, you don’t see Elephants, Crocodiles or Hippopotamus swimming in READ MORE


Index! Quick Links to get you Around the Site: About the Author & the Site Contents: Introduction Why I want to help Some interesting facts The goal of my site What I intend this site to do for you               Saltwater fishing! How to Read the Water: General Water READ MORE