Protects Me:

Posted on January 25, 2019, by Shaun Doust

The Federal Trade Commission rules for Disclosure Compliance.

These rules are set in place to ensure that readers or viewers of web media know that,
may receive a commission or small compensation for sharing a link or a product.
Please be assured that when receive a small compensation from sales of certain items, there will however be absolutely no extra expense incurred by the purchaser.


Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. 
will never sell the information of anyone who uses an affiliate link or who responds to a promotion with a name or email address!

If you click on a link and purchase a product, then may receive a small commission for the sale.
Things like E-book bundles, Training Programs, and Online packages are usually affiliate links.
You as the prospective subscriber will not pay more by clicking through to the link.
These links are not “pay per click” unless otherwise stipulated. does not write sponsored posts.
If a post is sponsored by a company and it is a paid sponsorship, will be sure to disclose this fact clearly at the beginning of the post.