Hi Everyone, Welcome to my South African Outdoor Adventures Website.


I have been Angling, Hiking & Camping for on average, 40 years now, having10 PIECE SALTWATER SPOON 30g started as a youngster under the guidance of my Grandfather and my Father.

We fished Artificial & bait Techniques over the years, both in Fresh & Saltwater. This is the passion that I wish to bring to the world! That includes you! So stay tuned for some valuable information that you may have been looking for, for some time! Follow this link for some super deals!

I want you to be a professional, I want people to look up to you & I want you to help others learn what you have learned here. Together let’s build a world of fishing Legends!


My Grandfather built a beach cottage at Bazley beach, a small community on a Sugar cane farm. At the time there was nothing there except sugar cane, a Railway siding, a few cottages & the beach. As a result, one had to drive a fair distance to get to a shop to buy tackle & bait as well as other supplies!

Having said that, you also wanted to be sure of what you needed to purchase from the shops. One could not afford to drive back & forth because something was forgotten. One could not afford to spend hours in the shop wondering if they have everything or if there was something important that they might have forgotten!

Today Bazley is still much the same, except now it has a lot more cottages & it actually has a caravan & camping site, and guess what? “The park has a shop so one can get the basic necessities right there.”

This beach was quite remote & untamed, you were lucky at times to see peopleMAGIC SPIN CAST NET 3.3M NYLON on the beach except for the holiday season & then also just a handful. I must recommend this place as an excellent place to go and fish should you get the opportunity.  I guarantee you will not regret the experience! The fishing is excellent as there is not much fishing pressure on the area.

My Grandfather & my Father thought me a great deal about Camping, outdoor basics & survival.


I don’t think there was anyone at the time that could top their personal outdoor experience. Much of their knowledge & experience with regards to angling included how & where to spin. How & where to fish with bait. How & where to find your own bait. What fish can be found where? What fish to target on a certain bait and a certain trace. They taught me how to read the water & a whole lot of Tips & tricks that will make fishing a whole lot easier & more pleasant!


So, I come with my life experience and knowledge, from old-school to new-age, to help you get to more fish, and to help you camp in style & comfortGARMIN ETREX 10 GPS while putting in to use some good basic survival Techniques!

I also collect information regularly, from other fishermen and from my own experiences in order to enhance your overall experience on this website.



I believe that everyone needs help with all things in life. When I first started fishing, and up until, not so long ago, We only had a wooden plug, and a lead or Copper spoon at our disposal! We had to make do with what we had & at the time what we had seemed quite sufficient. We also had a limited selection of Bait fishing tackle.

We now have available to us, a great assortment of different artificial baits of High quality. The modern Lures seem to have been designed in such a realistic & lifelike way that they certainly seem to get the fish feeding regularly. The Bait fishing department now also has a vast variety of tackle available.


There is such a large variety of fishing tackle available in the stores & online that one feels quite confused and unsure of what to purchase when looking at the huge variety that has been laid outTMC 4 X BITE ALARMS, RECIEVER AND SWINGERS before them! “What to choose for your tackle box?” What do I need? What size? What color? What shape or Style? For what function? For what fish? etc. There are just so many variables & I want to bring these variables to you on this website! We all have a budget, so we need to make good choices and know that what we purchase is exactly what we need & what will get us to the fish. We don’t want to buy unnecessary equipment only to have it clutter our tackle box and never get put to good use!

Would you like the assurance that what you are choosing will be the best for you?

Would you like to arrive at your fishing venue knowing that you have everything that you need to be successful?

Would you like to arrive at your Campsite with confidence, knowing that you will be comfortable, secure & satisfied?

Would you like to go hiking in the wild outdoors, knowing that you have everything needed to survive in an emergency & to be Safe? Do you have a camera or a pair of Binoculars?

One can never stop learning. Even now in my 50’s, I can not stop learning from others myself, and I want to share some knowledge with you and help make your Angling experience more enjoyable, Successful and more Professional!




  1. Very few people practiced spinning back in the day!
  2. A Limited variety of species were Captured!
  3. No Lure variety, due to lack of Technology!
  4. No Laser sharpened extra strong hooks available!
  5. It is very difficult today to choose from the new Lures & Fishing equipment with their many colors, types, sizes, weights, capacity, technologies, etc!
  6. Can you Learn & Benefit from this site? “YES!”
  7. We had Sardines wash up on the beaches almost every year!
  8. Even with our lack of technology we caught more fish than we do today!
  9. Back in the day, it took the entire family to erect the tent. Today it is a one-man job. Poof! and it’s up.
  10. Most anglers today practice “Catch & Release”, keeping only one or two for the fire!60L CAMPING, HIKING, FRAME BACKPACK
  11. Technology has come so far that even the average angler practices Tag & Release!
  12. Local Campers, Hikers & Anglers have a goldmine of knowledge about the area. Don’t be afraid to ask!
  13. We all need help!




* My goal is to help you “better your chances” of hooking fish with Artificial Lures & with Baits!

* To bring you a variety of “tried and tested” Lure types with photographic proof!

* To bring you a variety of “tried and tested” Traces & baits!

* To help you understand the “shapes and design” of various Lures!

* To help you understand different Lure “retrieving techniques!”

* To help you understand the “different colors.” of the lures!62 PIECE ASSORTED FLY’S

* To introduce you to “new Lures!”

* To help you choose your Bait fishing “tackle requirements!“

* To help you with your over-all, “purchase choice. and shopping experience!”CATRINNA WITH A NATAL YELLOW FISH

* To help you find and harvest your own “baits!”

* To help you become a more “confident & Professional” Angler!

* To “encourage” you to practice (Catch & Release & Tag & Release) for saltwater & (Catch & Release) for freshwater!

* To help make your “Camping & Hiking” a Comfortable, safe & enjoyable experience!


“PLEASE remember to practice Catch & Release!” in order to preserve our fish stocks!


I am here for you and I will be more than happy to help you out where possible!

NB: If you ever need a hand or have any questions or even a general comment about my site or it’s content etc. Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Please come back occasionally to check for updates.

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Shaun Doust


  1. Catrinna says:

    Hi Shaun,
    What an awesome webpage you got going here, it is very informative and fun to read, all the information you provide is very helpful, I love the section on how to read the water. I also like the fact that I don’t have to now go and look on another site to buy the equipment you talk about, to just click on the link you provide and to be able to purchase straight away wow, how easy. Keep up the hard work, Well Done.

    • admin says:

      Hi Catrinna, thank you for visiting my site and for taking an interest. I am happy that you were able to get something useful out of it. Thank you for this wonderful comment. Please visit us again soon.
      Kind regards, Shaun.

  2. Rika Chapman says:

    Thanks for the website this will be very helpful and informative and useful for everyone who likes the outdoors.

    • admin says:

      Hi Rika, thank you for your wonderful comment. I am happy that you enjoyed working through my site. Please visit again.
      Kind regards, Shaun

  3. Lyndal says:

    What a lovely website, so informational. I Love the idea of the links that lead a person straight to purchasing items for this, loved by many sport/hobby. Keep up the hard work and well done on the site.

    • Shaun Doust says:

      Hi Lyndal, thank you for visiting my websit.
      I am happy that you found it to be informational and that you liked it.
      Please visit again to check for updates.
      Kind regards, Shaun

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